to get better at writing, students need to write more.

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the best way to improve writing skills is to write more

All English and humanities teachers agree that to teach more, they need less work that is not teaching – like simple GPS (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling) correction. 

Grading and feedback are two time-consuming tasks for every English and humanities teacher.

  • Over 80% of teachers want to spend more time teaching. 80% do not have the time.
  • Research says personalised feedback and guidance make a big difference to student writing success.
  • Student feedback needs to instruct students on the next steps, rather than simple corrections. This feedback requires even more time and personalisation.

Scribo gives teachers more time and better information, and students more ownership of their writing.

Scribo manages the writing improvement cycle and connection between teacher and student:

  1. Teachers connect class-based writing tasks to Scribo for feedback, oversight and monitoring.
  2. Scribo monitors student progress and awards a Scribo Score. Students at risk are instantly visible.
  3. Scribo delivers instant, human-quality feedback to students as they write, saving teacher time for cognitive high-level feedback rather than red-pen corrections.
  4. Grading is automatic, explained and transparently delivered to students.
  5. Teachers and students share the same level of detailed feedback.
  6. Teachers can add feedback via text or voice. Feedback will never be lost again.
  7. Additional processes like Peer Review, Rubric Grading and Data Analysis are all catered for as needed.

writing practice drives writing success

To improve writing, students need to write more. Without some extra support, the flow on effects of more practice, mean more work.

  1. More student writing needs more teacher feedback.
  2. More feedback means more teacher time.
  3. Teachers don’t have more time for more feedback.

The write–feedback–improvement cycle needs to change gears from the familiar story of overworked teachers and underperforming students to a more positive and progressive storyline.

What people are saying

Scribo scenarios

How hard is it to start an English writing class? You have to get everyone ready to write and then there is the great challenge of what to write about, cover what you need to teach and …keep it all exciting and short! 

Here is a Presto lesson on pre-writing strategies. Set a scene, seed ideas and get a paragraph written that does the feedback and grading for you.


The Cookie Thief – pre-writing activity

Time to create – 10 minutes – Engagement – High

So when was the last time Grammar was a fun thing to do in your class? 

Old PDF worksheets and time wasted grading miss the engagement opportunity.

Teachers can browse the Presto library, choose a few lessons and share a link in minutes.

Students are instantly engaged with content and auto assessment which delivers insights to teachers on what went well and not so well. Switch up gears for your high and low-level students in seconds.

The Presto Library is complete

Search the library – check one out – share a link – 2 minutes or less

You have been slogging through Biology text books for weeks. Time to mix it up. You found a great picture of a frog in a pond. Now it’s time to explore the ecosystem in a micro-engaging way.

Create time – 3 minutes – share a link sub – 1 minute. Engagement – High