COLLEGE students need
good English writing skills


Colleges teach a range of courses and vocational skills. Rarely do they run English writing tuition as part of each course. 

Scribo offers English writing support across any subject, to ensure everyone gets the support they need to grow their writing skills. 

  • Tutors save hours of time by not having to correct writing mistakes and lift academic writing skills. 
  • Students improve key writing skills with AI writing assistance, guidance and feedback.
  • Colleges can immediately identify and help students ‘at risk’.

The writing CHALLENGE in college

The expectation is that when students get to College, they can write English at a suitable level of proficiency.

No matter what the course is, good English writing skills are required for any course or job pitched at a college graduate level. 

IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL and PTE are all tests of English proficiency across the core four elements of English – Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. 

Often students fail the writing component more than 5 times before reaching the benchmarks needed to get into College. Of course, this does not mean they have the writing skills to get through college.

The key problems faced by Colleges and students include:

  1. Delivering English writing support and extension classes is expensive. 
  2. Tutors spend hours correcting English when it is not their job.
  3. Once students are ‘in-course’, Colleges must be supportive of tuition and feedback. Colleges need to manage student ‘at-risk’ profiles.
  4. The lack of written English skills becomes a bottleneck in student progression and success. Colleges need to get students through courses without compromising standards.
  5. Students learning to write English at higher levels is an additional workload on top of course-specific learning.

How scribo helps

Students, tutors and colleges are all supporteD

  • Students have a single place to check their writing for any subject.
  • Students get a Scribo writing score – with clear advice on how to improve their score.
  • Feedback is delivered across 8 levels of guidance, way more than simple Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling checks.
  • Feedback is personalised to the student’s level of writing.
  • Students are guided by vocabulary lists and subject-specific terms and collocations, to help them develop ‘on-subject’ with the right terminology.
  • Scribo lifts academic word choices and offers alternative ways to present ideas, without forcing rewrites and over-crafted text alternatives.
  • Scribo connects tutors into the feedback process making tutor feedback more efficient and faster to deliver.
  • Colleges can use Scribo to scale English support services and monitor students ‘at risk’ of not making the grade. Interventions are quicker and more informed.
  • Data-informed decisions drive remediation efforts and target where additional courses could help.