The BIG ENGLISH writing PROBLEM that scribo solves


there are more students needing ENGLISH writing support than there are teachers who can PHYSICALLY help.

Having strong English writing skills is recognised as critical for anyone in pursuit of global education and vocational success. 

However, providing students with quality English writing support at-scale is a challenge many schools find hard to deliver. To grow strong English writing skills, students need personalised support and guidance that needs more time and resources than other subjects. English writing is difficult to teach and learn for good reasons.  

  • English writing takes time to teach, it takes time for students to practice and time for teachers to give feedback. Very few teachers find more time for more feedback yet feedback is what students need more of.
  • English writing support is one of the most expensive subjects for schools to provide and for students to independently source help for.
  • English teachers currently work some 20 hours overtime per week. To meet the workload challenges created in teaching English writing, the answer is “we need more teachers”. Unfortunately this is not sustainable. We need more scale from the teachers we have.
  • Current supporting platforms for writing simply deliver writing corrections. These correction platforms do not help students build the critical writing skills needed to become a better writer.

How scribo helps

Personalise INSTANT student feedback – REDUCE TEACHER TIME

  • Across all levels of students, they have a single place to check their writing for any subject they are working on.
  • Personalised feedback focuses on 8 levels of guidance, many more than simple Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling checks.
  • All feedback is personalised to the level of writing the students are producing.
  • Students are guided by vocabulary lists and subject-specific terms and collocations, to help them write ‘on-subject’ with the right terminology.
  • Scribo lifts academic word choices and offers alternate ways to present ideas, without forcing rewrites and over-suggested text alternatives.
  • Scribo can connect tutors into the drafting and feedback loops, reducing the latency of feedback.
  • Schools and universities use Scribo to scale English writing support services and monitor students ‘at risk’ of not making the grade. Interventions are quicker and more informed.

SCRIBO FEEDBACK ENCOURAGES ORIGINAL WORK through excellent feedback and GUIDANCE in writing.

Essay mills and contract essay writing services are back in the news with a spike in cheating being recorded. Without support for writing and some risk management of writing skills, these essay mills will flourish.

Students need a viable and energetic writing connection with personalised resources in support. Expecting students at risk to ‘write’ without some level of support is obviously not working.

Scribo gives students the support they need, able to connect tutors and specialists to their writing without increasing workloads.