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listening comprehension is critical

Listening is a significant language skill to develop in English and in second language learning. 

Despite its importance, language learners consider listening to be one of the most difficult language skills to learn. 

Since the role of listening comprehension in language teaching has been repeatedly emphasized, many teachers have tried to pay attention to its importance in their classes. Creating the right materials and having access to good listening lessons are critical. 

Presto solves this problem.

The Presto listening library

Presto Learning has a comprehensive library of English listening comprehension activities. Activities are calibrated at levels of difficulty, and aligned to various curriculums including IELTS, TOEIC and TOFEL assessments.


  • can search the library, selecting an activity with an appropriate level of listening comprehension. 
  • can quickly record audio on a phone or computer and create linked questions in minutes. There are over 8 modalities of question types.
  • can quickly share the activity to the Class via a QR code, or links into Google Classroom, Teams, WhatsApp, or other social media sites. Each share code can require user login or be shared with anyone with a link.
  • All learning activities are compatible with desktop or tablet, and optimised for mobile delivery.
  • Teachers receive statistics on usage, access and student comprehension scores.


  • Practice speaking anytime with detailed scoring and guidance.
  • Have no need for accompanying tutors or teachers to advise specific pronunciation.
  • See each word where pronunciation was not to a satisfactory level.