Frequently Asked Questions

ScriboCampus – features

Great question! Scribo Campus is a dedicated online service focused on helping all levels of students to excel in English exams and assessment. Scribo campus simply helps every student to write excellent English supported by personalised AI feedback and connected to expert human tutors.

1. Scribo uses AI to generate personalised feedback on your writing. Instant feedback helps your learning stay on track and improving.

2. Scribo Campus brings together expert human English tutors your the feedback loop. Click to talk to a tutor. Every tutor knows how to help you the second you make contact. All of our tutors are expert English Teachers.

3. Scribo Campus tracks your improvement, sending you tailored revision activities and invites to targeted webinars you should attend.

Start by registering with Scribo and doing a free writing assessment. We send you a you a full writing report with your score as soon as you have completed the activity.

When you are ready to join Scribo College, simply choose a Writing package.  Talk to us anytime about how we can help you.

No, is the answer. While AI is learning more and more every day, AI can still miss things and make mistakes. 

AI is an amazing resource that gets smarter all the time. AI can really save you time. When you  compare the number of mistakes you can make and not find yourself , you won’t want to be without Scribo AI on your side. 

Don’t forget that you can click to talk to a tutor , depending on the plan that you have with us.

There is a link on the Web Site for new students to try Scribo out.

Scribo is used from Years 1 through to Tertiary,

Yes. When Scribo AI checks your text, Scribo also creates feedback that helps you move forwards with a solution to what is found. Scribo does so much more than simply correct your grammar, punctuation and spelling.  All feedback is instant for students.

Scribo Delivery

Yes, Scribo is delivered to schools, colleges and everyone via the cloud. Anyone can log in from anywhere there is a web connection, and your login email or user account can be validated.

Yes, we do. Scribo integrates with both. Your primary Google or O365 account can create a Scribo account and you have single click access with no new passwords. Register with Google and/or Microsoft accounts from the front screen.

Yes, Scribo uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, in particular Deep Learning  to make every student and teacher’s  life easier. AI and DL servers fire up every time you ask Scribo for feedback.

Yes, Presto integrates  with Google Classroom and Google Forms. Prestos can be shared directly to Google Classroom and Prestos can create quizzes in Google Forms directly. You must be using your Google sign in to create Google Forms.

Yes, Scribo integrates  with O365 and Microsoft Teams. Scribo can be used under Teams however you must be using your Microsoft sign in to access Teams.

No, Scribo is all HTML 5 delivered. There are no plugins required. Scribo works with all major browsers.

Yes, Scribo is a web application that works well on phones and tablets. There is no need for ‘another’ app. Simply a Chrome or Safari web browser.