Student Stories

We asked a group of Year 6 – 8 students what they used to do when they were writing and what they do now using Scribo.  What they gave us was simply all their own work, including the grammar and spelling;))


I used to …

Now I…

have a tough time trying to spot out mistakes I made whenever I write a compo

was able to check any mistakes made easily and can edit my compo without worrying about the mistakes I make

I had to check my mistakes myself and sometimes I would not be able to spot some mistakes

Scribo helps me to check my compo for any mistake and to change some words

wait for the teacher to mark and pass back my compo

learn that I can let the site run checks for me and I learn my mistakes from the suggestions.

have to wait for the teacher to mark because i did not know how to spot my mistakes and sometimes ill give my tuition teacher to mark too but any way it did not help me.

I am able to check my compo and do many compos and I do not rely on a teacher to help me spot my mistakes. 

Check manually by reading the story again and checking for punctuation errors. I also check if the story is smooth.

My checking for my grammar and spelling was way better.

Check by reading my story and seeing whether the story makes sense. I also check it by seeing if there are any errors in the story. I

My final draft is better read and are were fewer grammar and spelling errors in the composition. I also could extend my story by reading the summary given to me by Scribo. I could also add more complex vocabulary to elaborate my story.

I used not to check my compo as either I do not have time or I cannot find out the mistake sometimes.

I check my story with Scribo. I can check where my mistake are specifically and Scribo give me suggestion for my mistakes in my compo so it is easier job for me.

Not check my work thoroughly and I had a low range of cohesives and stuff. My vocab range was low and I was not that good in writing compositions.

Checked my story thoroughly. I Improved in my writing and my range for composition marks improved in an examination. I  have fewer spelling errors and grammar errors and so Scribo helped me a lot. 🙂  Scribo helped me to improve by giving me feedback and I think this is the best way to improve.

I used to simply check for grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structures in my composition. I do not read the whole story to myself to check the main idea and ensure that the pictures are included in my story. 

After clicking the “Check” function, I can easily check for vocabulary, mistakes in each paragraph, connectors etc. I can also enable the “Read Text” function so I can listen to my composition.

I used to have difficulty reading my whole composition again and again just to check for grammar or spelling errors.

I can also enable the “Read Text” function and the computer can read to me my compo. I can listen to my composition. I check for errors now as I can easily click on the ‘Check’ function and my grammar, vocab, spelling, and other parts of my compo can be improved on, including my content.

Before I used Scribo, I used to make a lot of careless mistakes such as not capitalised “i’s” and punctuation and grammar mistakes. I also don’t check my work many times and will make some mistakes that should not be made. 

After Scribo, I check at least 5 times and it also gives a lot of valid feedback. Scribo has made my writing better by highlighting my mistakes and correcting them. It also provides a list of words that can be used instead of a repeated word. I also pick up on mistakes by using the read aloud function. Overall, Scribo has made my compositions a lot better.

just use a pencil to check my composition quickly. Sometimes, its not accurate so the teacher has to look through and mark as well.

started taking my writing checks more seriously as I have more help and guide through Scribo. I also found it easier to check my composition for spelling/grammar mistakes. Thus, I find Scribo a good website for writing activities

struggle writing good sentences. My sentences were always too simple and short.

I am able to write compound and complex sentences. Now, through Scribo, I am able to learn new vocabularies to put in my compo

I used to struggle with checking as  i did not how to check my grammar mistake but now since Scribo helped me check I know which ones are my grammar mistake

I used Scribo to check my work for me and how detailed and how my flow of ideas are now. Now that there is Scribo now I know my tiny punctuation mistake. When I had Scribo it helps me to learn more vocab


not know how to check for grammar mistakes, use good vocabulary words and I seldom read my composition after finishing it. I had to check the list of good vocabulary in order to write it down on the hardcopy. 

After using Scribo, I finally understand how to check grammar mistakes by reading my composition again and use good vocabulary by the recommendations Scribo gave me. I can also check my composition several times which I think is very useful and helpful as I can improve my composition better a bit. I think it is very useful as it checks my composition for me and I hope it can still help me next year. 

I could not check my compo for mistakes

I could check my compo for mistakes

I used to make many mistakes in my composition. I also am not able to find all the mistakes in the composition.

I am able to make fewer mistakes in my composition. I also am now able to find all the mistakes in my composition and is on par with other Scribo users.

I did not check for any spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes after writing my compo. Despite reading the compo again, I did not question my own writing and did not add or change anything in my storyline. I also did not use any advanced cohesive and wrote in the passive voice which is not suitable for my writing style. I did not write as detailed as I should have and my compo was long-winded with many unnecessary sentences and details. When doing another draft, I would have to write the compo over again which I found very unnecessary. It was also time consuming. If I did not understand something about my compo, I would ask the teacher but sometimes asking the teacher took up a lot of time. Thus, I did not want to ask questions about my compo which resulted in many mistakes.

I checked for spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes using the paragraph check function in Scribo. The read function read the compo to me and it was very useful. I could listen and wonder how to improve my compo at the same time which results in me spotting more of my mistakes. I also added more sentences to my compo which added detail and was not unnecessary. I replaced the common cohesive with more advanced cohesive which improved not only my sentence structures, but also improved my overall compo. I also started to write in the active voice. I learnt how to remove parts that were not needed in my compo and my compo was no longer long-winded. When doing another draft, I did not need to do it over again but just change or add on to my sentences or my mistakes. This took a very short time but was very helpful to my compo. If I did not understand something about my compo, I could either check the Scribo paragraph check or open a new tab ad search in Google. This was not time consuming at all and I realized that there was a reduction in the mistakes I made in my compo. My vocabulary also improved as I could open a new tab and search for synonyms.

have no idea if my grammar or sentences were wrong or correct and if there were any of my paragraphs.

I could check my composition at a click and i could correct my wrong parts easily and i can get new words to use in my composition.



Not check my compo for grammar and spelling mistakes and because of that my compo grades were not very good.

Think my compo has improved much more as there is a checking function so I checked and learnt about my grammar and spelling mistakes and learnt to not make those mistakes.

I used to check my work blindly. I could not point out mistakes as I would often miss them. We would also rewrite the composition on full scape paper as our draft 2 & 3. It was very tiresome. 

When I started Scribo, I checked my work properly and efficiently. Scribo would provide good cohesives that I can use and identify grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes. We can also now type our draft to improve on it in Scribo. It makes drafting more fun. 

keep checking my work and rewriting my compos every draft that I do and it takes very long to rewrite and I can’t identify some mistakes

When I started to use Scribo, I could spot mistakes that I have never spotted before so I could improve my compo and it takes less time to rewrite a second draft


knew what my mistakes were and how to correct them and what are the proper words to se and I could find spelling mistakes too.

I was lazy to find my mistakes on hard copy and correct them. I found it very hard to write most of my Ideas as on hard copy it will take very long and I am a very lazy person and after I completed it was vey hard to find grammar and spelling mistakes. Also I could not see if I had any missing words.

I found it very easy to type all my ideas as typing is much faster and after I write my composition, if I had any more ideas I wanted to write I could just type it while on hard copy I would need to correction tape and correct the whole compo. Also, after I finished my compo on  Scribo there is a check function which allows me to check my compo and Scribo will show me my grammar and spelling mistakes and it also show me if I have any missing words and it also shows me what other words I can use instead of a particular word. I tend more frequently.

use Grammarly for literally everything

found it easier to do my checking in Scribo.

Have many mistakes in my composition and not know all my mistakes. I had to find vocab on hardcopy.

Can check for all the mistakes i have done in my writing so I could improve more on my writing. I could find vocab in the Scribo website

do hard copy which involved drafts and checking by myself.

know how to check for grammar mistakes more efficiently and there is a reading check function to help me.

write with some mistakes

make fewer mistakes

Edit my own composition.

Used Scribo to check my composition. 

I used to do my work in hardcopy and have to edit and check my work as well as do many different drafts and submit it to my teacher many times

I was able to use Scribo to check my work and highlight my mistakes so that i could check all of my mistakes and correct them

write on hard copy but it would take a long time to find mistakes.

could find my mistakes more easily and found new ways to correct them using the check function.

I used to always not check for repeated words and mistakes. I also never read the composition.

I used the immersive reader function to read the composition  and also used a cohesive explorer to find new cohesives.

Thinking that checking was a waste of time and the teacher was just nagging at us to check as checking was tedious.

The checking became waaaaayyy easier as I only had to press one button before editing my composition. It was also much easier to check my edited composition using the immersive reader.

Write my composition on hardcopy. I do not know how to check my work.

I write on softcopy. I can check my mistakes now with the help of check functions.

not check my work and not care about my spelling or grammar mistakes and wouldn’t know how to look for better words to improve my composition

I would read about the feedback that Scribo gives me and I can look for better phrases. 

I used to read my composition many times to spot grammar and spelling mistakes, which took up a lot of time in my writing.

I would click on the “check” function for it to spot grammar and spelling mistakes. It could also find better words to replace my words and improve my vocabulary. I could also learn new and advanced cohesives.

I think that composition was easier and that there were no such things as cohesives etc.

I started to get detailed reports about my writing as if the teacher is marking it 100 times.

not know how to do checking as I did not know if my sentences are grammatically correct or if there is any spelling errors

managed to find my grammar error and spelling errors.

I have a lot of grammar mistakes, I tend to use very easy vocabulary and I could not think of any good ideas.

I had a flow of ideas for my composition. I remember the mistakes and not to make them when writing compositions and the points to take down.

I did not know how to check for my grammar and sentences. I also cannot find my mistakes to improve my compo.I used to use a lot of the same and not really good words to describe my feeling action and thoughts

Can spot my mistakes easier, I can find better words to replace my simple words and I can check for grammar and sentences and they will give me suggestions

I used to not replace words with even better words

I often replace my words as Scribo gives me advice on what words I should use.

I used to check my work after finishing my compo, but even though I check through my compo, I still will miss out some grammar and spelling mistakes. And I cannot tell what is wrong with my sentence structure so Scribo’s checking function would be able to help me with problems I did not manage to find.

After starting to use Scribo, I could write my compositions with ease and I would not be worried that I would make careless mistakes because after checking, I can solve the problems easily because Scribo would explain what and where I did wrong.