It’s groundhog day…again

We must rise to the challenge and stop the re-run of 'Yes Minister'

Reading Jordon Baker’s weekend story on writing skills should leave most parents bewildered and wondering what is going on. Good writing skills are critical skills our students need.

"A NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) review, finished in mid 2018, found teachers lacked confidence in teaching writing, many had not been well trained in how to do it, and too many students were leaving school without fundamental skills. "

This report got side-lined back in 2018 but apparently it’s going to be adopted from 2021 when the 12 year demise of writing skills in Australia will stop, just like that! Some English leaders say we actually don’t have a problem, students just don’t practice enough, others still blame NAPLAN, many have not been trained.

We all just lost another 3 years! Does anyone else feel like it’s groundhog day? I’m thinking we need a Literacy Minister, appointed after suitable assessment and testing of course.