Teaching English writing is tough

Teaching English writing is tough especially when students develop at differing levels across a growth continuum that can span years of learning.

Each student has varied writing skills and each teacher has varied writing instruction skills. Every ‘class’ is a cauldron of skills mashed together in a learning process driven primarily by naturally occurring, human-centric feedback loops. Inside these feedback loops is where much of the learning happens and where all of the worthwhile data about teaching and learning is created. The challenge for teachers and students is to optimise and leverage these feedback loops as they work together.

Everywhere there is a feedback loop running, learning is happening. ‘Learning from your learnings’, is how to save time, improve the value of feedback and use data to amplify the impact of what you do next.

Where are the feedback loops in your classroom and how many are there? They consume most of your time and probably unknowingly are where you create, and lose, most of your data.

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